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Teen naturists, a question!

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  • Teen naturists, a question!

    Hey, teen naturists, have you ever been nude with a friend or a group of friends? And if so, PLEASE tell us the story behind it!

    Also, how do you suggest I could get myself into a socially nude situation?

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    I'm 17 and I never really been naked with my friends. For few reason, my friends think differently about nudism than I do and also I dont think I would even want to be nude with my friends. Why? I got no clue actually I dont mind beeing naked with others but I dont want to be naked with my friends that I know for over 3 years.

    If I meet these people nude or knew they think of nudism the same way I do I wouldnt mind.


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      I'm not entirely sure how you define "teen" (13-19, or 11-20), but if I'm not a teen, I'm fairly close (my 21st is in July). I've only had one nude experience with a friend. Sadly, because of the same issue, we had a falling out.

      I spent the night at his place when I was about fourteen (I'm not sure if it's 14 or 15). He wanted to go swimming, but I didn't have a swimsuit. I asked if I could go in my underwear first, because I had a grandmother who, when I was very young, let me and my cousins swim only in underwear. He said it was okay. I then pushed the envelope and asked if I could skinny dip.

      He handed me a pair of swimming trunks and said that we couldn't let his mom see us. I slipped into the trunks (which were slightly too small), he slipped into swim trunks, and we went upstairs, grabbing towels on the way out.

      Once in the pool, he stripped his suit off, and I took mine off. As for me, I was intermittent because I was so antsy. Looking back, I wish I'd have just taken them off and left them off.

      After the swim, we went back to his room (putting the trunks on one last time), where we stripped off the wet swimwear and watched some TV. Later, he read from his Bible, before we went to bed. He did request that I put on underwear in bed, though, because his dad didn't like the idea of sleeping nude.

      I had almost forgotten this incident until I began to stumble across several nudist websites. Eager with my discovery of not just nudism, but Christian nudism, I came to him with some of the Biblical support (this was when I was nineteen). He countered every example I tried to give him, and I left in a huff. We IM'd once after that, he said he was getting married, and I never heard from him again.

      I never had an experience with any other friends and I haven't tried to lead any of my friends to nudism. I'm afraid they'd turn out the same way this one friend did.

      EDIT: After looking back at this recently, I've discovered that the thing that got under my skin was that I don't think I was following what he believed.

      Instead, he brought questions of "Should I do this?" or "Is it all right to do this?" to his parents and his youth pastor, and took what they said as the gospel truth. In some instances, that's okay (it's not okay to kill, and you're not supposed to discover this on your own), but in this instance, it was the worst possible thing to do.


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        Hero, thanks for sharing that. I related to it somewhat and think it rather common especially among teen boys. IE: wanting to experiment with it, doing so, but then having guilt feelings about it. (naturism in this case but almost anything). The last sentence you wrote tho -- I would reconsider. Do not let one experience that did not turn out well dictate to you for the rest of your life. You tried, it failed. That was that. Keep trying!



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          ive never been naked in a group but ive been naked in front of one friend at a time

          i almost always get naked when he comes over and he doesn't care but he refuses to get naked 2 and im fine with that


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            Ok. Ive been nude with pretty much all of my guy friends at one time or another and almost none of them would go to a Nude beach or club. I surf and that means taking off and putting on a wetsuit or boardshorts and I just do it without caring and they do too usually. I havent hung out nude with friends other then two once in awhile though. I DO have friends who are real naturists but I dont see them that often and yah ive been nude around them of course.


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              Originally posted by Danee:
              Do not let one experience that did not turn out well dictate to you for the rest of your life. You tried, it failed. That was that. Keep trying!
              It's not so much that the one experience failed, it's just that I've never come across anyone else open-minded enough. On Monday, I got into a discussion of which would be legalized first (marijuana or public nudity; there's a poll on here, as a matter of fact), which led to a lot of ignorant comments.

              If I found someone else that wanted to, I would leap on the chance. I did try shortly after that, though, to no avail. (The first guy was there, but there was another one with us.)

              By the way, thanks for the comment. It's nice to know I'm not boring everyone.


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                I've been nude serveral times. Once in a hot tub with 5 others guys/girls, once skinny dipping with another guy in front of our friends and a few times when I was just coming out of the shower or answering the door.


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                  I have another question: I showed my friend John the site saying simply "What do you think?" and he never told me what he thought about naturism, so would it be okay if I asked him, "Just wondering, but what did you think about that site"


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                    potterdude, yes, it would be ok to ask him again, but do not make it the first words to come out of your mouth. Maybe play some sports together or whatever and than casually ask him in the middle of other conversation. Than gauge his reaction and see what happens. I would love to have a nudist buddy (other than my 9 yr. old son), so good luck!


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                      I have been naked with friends many times. I grew up on the Jersey shore so during the summer at beach parties, skinny dipping was normal. Now in College most of my friends are on the same crew team as me, so we shower together ect. I had a party over labor day weekend last fall at the beach in which the majority of the party ( about 40 People decided to walk down and go skinny dipping in the ocean at night. We ended up having to walk back naked since some of my buddies stole everyones clothes) The girls were more upset about this than the guys in general. However none of these people want to go to a nude beach with me. I went with 2 guy friends a year ago and they were very uncomtable and to be honest people were not that friendly when they saw it was 3 20 year old guys.


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                        I unfortunatly am not a teen but just a year away.
                        I have been nude with my friends many times. Shedding our clothes is pretty much the first thing we do when we see each other. There are two guys in our group, but the rest are all girls.
                        Once, my friend, Jill, cam to my house she stripped(I was alredy nude) like always. We decided to go swimming. To our luck, the towels were out in the garage. We went into the closed garage and got the towels, but somehow the dorr had jammed behind us. We were stuck in my garage ,naked, of a busy street and niether of us were willing to be nude infront of cars and children playing outside/ Jill noticed that there was a box of brown garbage bags on a shelf. So, the first thing she thought of was poking holes in the bags and wearing them like dresses. The plan was flawless. We opoen the garage(in our "dresses") and went to the front door and got in. This was definatly the most fun and most embaressing moment i've had while nude with my friends.


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                          Sorry for dragging up a thread nearly 2 months old guys, but found this post interesting. I'm telling some of my friends that I trust that I like to go nude, and I'm hoping that some of them, if comfortable, will allow me to go nude while with them. I will of course encourage them to go nude too, if they want, but of course not force them. I would love if some of them at least allowed me to go nude, as I really think the nudist lifestyle is for me and not a passing interest.


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                            My first time nude with friends was about a week ago with some friends. we went swimming in the river on the last day of school, and I didn't have a bathing suit. It didn't bother me and no one else seemed to care. We had alot of fun. That's also porbably the best way to get them into nudism aswell. If you'r ever swimming with some friends, dare one of them to go naked or something, and see what their reaction is.


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                              Should have mentioned that-swimming nude is out as there's no suitable river/lakes or anything nearby! Unforunately....Thanks for the advice, Trevor, though. I hope you get more chances to go nude with your friends too!