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Responsibility: Do nudists have more of it?

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  • Responsibility: Do nudists have more of it?

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    I just received a PM from someone apologizing for something that they thought might've offended me. I thought this was very responsible of this person. Which leads me to this poll: Are nudists (or people who enjoy clothes-free living) more responsible than non-nudists (those who don't enjoy clothes-free life)?


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      JMO but as I see it, nudist know how hard they must fight to maintain the limited freedoms they have in regards of nude beaches and to an extent, resorts and the like. In the case of a nude beach we can't find a cleaner beach. The patrons/protectors of this beach patrol it regularly, cleaning it to keep it pristine. Textile beaches just don't least not very often.

      When people tend to show so much responsibility to a particular aspect of their life, it tends to seep into other aspects as well.

      Just my thoughts.....good question/poll Herooftime8!



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        Hero; You pose a good question. Nudists are more of a "fringe" society and therefore must be Very Careful not to offend textiles.
        I've never been to a nude beach (yet) but the clubs and resorts are the cleanest I've seen. Security oversees the recreation areas but are Very rarely called. No litter, clean language, respect for space, ect. This is more of a utopia than will ever be found at a textile resort. Need I say more?



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          I think nudists have the same problems everyone else does.

          I know nudists who have gone out of their way to shock and rile people, as well as use strong language.

          Sometimes in order to attain social acceptance you have to risk offending, otherwise you'll always be a minority in a bubble.

          Look at Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Steve Biko. They had to risk offending people in order to win acceptance.

          Dario Western