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Hey, New UK Nudist Here.

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  • Hey, New UK Nudist Here.

    Hey all. Just thought I'd make my first post and say hello.

    I'm Tom, I'm 19 and I'm what you'd call a closet nudist, lol. I need to build up the courage to go to a social nudist gathering. There aren't many times I can go nude at moment.

    Anyway, I've been browsing the forums and there are a few subjects about shaving "down there". There are some differing opinions and I was 50/50 as whether to try it.

    I've just gone for it and shaved and I love it! It's a great feeling, makes me feel more nude!

    Just thought I'd tell my little story, lol. Oh and are there any UK nudists that use the chat function? I've been on a few times and it's always empty.

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    Hey Tom,

    You may want to check out the Young British Naturists' webpage if you haven't already:

    cheers from across the pond,


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      welcome nakedtom2k7! you'll find a lot of great people on here and will answer any questions you may have about anything! the moderators are all helpful too! can't say enough good about this site and the people that run it!!!


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        Hey, thanks for the welcome. I look forward to posting on this site more often.


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          Welcome aboard nakedtom2k7,

          Yes I went to chatroom and none was there too. Try again hopefully others will join us in the chat room.

          Happy Nudy


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            any of you are welcome to IM me anytime! Kev


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              Now I know nudism on a whole is about body acceptance, but I'd like to know what others think.

              You see, the main reason I haven't got the courage to go to a social gathering is because I don't have the greatest body in the world. I'm quite overweight for my age and I'm worried what other people would think.

              What are peoples opinions? Would people care?


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                Hi Tom
                No at all the naked social events I have been to, I have seen people of all sizes etc and everybody is accepted, it's the person inside that counts not what they look like! Hope you get loads more opportunities to get naked in sunshine, now summer is here
                Nude regards


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                  Hi Tom,
                  welcome to our group, you will have a lot of fun here, a lot of information get exchanged, Everything takes time, and you will see, you will be a social nudist before you know it.


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                    heya tom, nice to meet you! im also a new young nudist and am in yorkshire, so we got things in common. jus thought id say hi! where abouts in yorkshire u from?


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                      Hey! Good to see a fellow nudist from Yorkshire. Lets hope theres more from round here


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                        Hi Tom, welcome to the boards :-)

                        Matze, 19, from Germany

                        I hope you will find a lot of naturist friends in here...


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                          To the two newbies from Yorkshire, welcome! What you look like doesn't matter one bit. Not all of us claim to have perfect figures.
                          Where in Yorkshire are you? PM me if you want details of swims in the area.


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                            Hi there Tom and Yorkshire,Although I now live in France when I visit UK for holiday we come to York, I used to live and work there. I am in fact coming over this Saturday 16th June for 2 weeks, pity we couldnt meet have a naturist meet, so to speak.


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                              Hi guys - another new Yorkshire naturist! I am 23 and have only been on a nude beach once but I loved it. Shame the weather isn't great for beaches in the UK! The rest of my nude experiences have been restricted to the house. I am looking forward to expanding my social naturist experiences.