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College Students: Free Subscription

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    You can scan your ID and send it to us electronically attached to an email.

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      Although I am no longer a student (decided to grow up after earning two college degrees), I applaud your magazine's efforts to reach the college age crowd. Thank you! I wonder if you could extend the offer to all the college libraries in the nation so that they could display them in the journal section or magazine section of the library? That would go a long, long way in promoting nudism to the next generation and helping nudism become more acceptable to the general public!
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        sounds great college student too!!


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          one problem. i dont have a scanner, so is there any way i could take a picture of my id with my webcam, and send that with an email?


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            Free Subscription - ID shot with Web Cam


            I don't know about a built in lap top web cam, but my old "Intel Pro Cam" [Not made anymore] takes clear close-up pictures, and will focus on a postage stamp 2-3" away that fill a screen.

            This image is about 45k as taken and was hand held with available light. So some web cams are great for what you want to do, and I'm sure would be accepted especially if it had your image on it.

            Click on thumbnail for full size:
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              Originally posted by Brian1972 View Post
              Thanks for all of those who have been reading this post. Our main objective is to increase awareness of nude recreation and travel to those who cannot afford a magazine subscription while they are in school. We are reaching out to the young to hopefully increase an interest in nude recreation in their age group.
              Brian, this sounds like a great idea. The overhead costs are probably quite small, and the potential returns are high. Do you (or anyone else connected to this) know about the uptake on this offer? I don't know the actual magazine, but to what extend does it contain sections that are directly relevant/interesting to the target audience?

              DoctorSurfNude probably also has some thoughts/comments to this (in view of recent threads on youth programs within the AANR). In our local organisation I have proposed to offer 1st yr free membership to students. But something like the above may be another interesting (or even more interesting) possibility.

              Most of the replies were like "how to scan my ID etc", maybe someone can give some more constructive feedback

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                Yes....definately good stuff!

                I think it is going to have to be a combined effort. I hope that every organization, willing publications, etc. will do everything they can do to peak the curiosity of today's youth.

                I want to put all that information in one that when somebody says "nudism seems like something I might be interested in trying" they need but click a few buttons to be plugged into AANR, into ClothesFreeForums, into this free magazine offer, etc.

                The most difficult part about all of this is bridging the gap between the young people out there who are curious and all the organizations who want to invest in them. Something needs to bridge this gap.


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                  this is awesome i really wish nudism was more wide spread here maybe this magazine will be cool to introduce my friends into it


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                    Re: College Students: Free Subscription

                    Is free subscription offer valid for the 2009-20010 school year?


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                      Re: College Students: Free Subscription

                      Does this offer apply to Active Duty Military whos also taking college credit classes.