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    I have a few questions for NY nudists, or people around the NY Area...

    1. Are there any REAL nudist on here in the NY area? (Not people with an ulterior agenda or a small outlook on life)...

    2. Where is there to SERIOUSLY go nude in NY? ( I heard of Smith Point, i think, but I have no idea where that is, I am new to NY)

    3. Are there any ACTIVE nudist in NY?

    4. And possibly any around my age? I am 24 (so it's a pretty wide age range) hahaha

    I hope this doesn't come off abrasive or anything. I am just tired of looking all over the place and coming up short... I am just ready to find some cool, fun and funny nudist people to hang out with...

    A new perspective no life... (hahahaha trying to convert the roommates into nudist hasn't worked: YET... HAAHAHAHA)...

    Well, that is all...


    (this is also open to anyone who just wants to chat... A distant nudist friend is better than no nudist friends aat all)...

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    Originally posted by NYgradStu:

    1. Are there any REAL nudist on here in the NY area? (Not people with an ulterior agenda or a small outlook on life)...



    3. Are there any ACTIVE nudist in NY?

    What do you mean by active?

    2. Where is there to SERIOUSLY go nude in NY?



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      What I mean by active is that you actually have, or will consider doing nudity with others or in venues such as swims, beaches, etc. Not just, I am a lone nudist and that is all I am gonna be...

      Or the ones that are just exhibitionist...

      REAL NUDIST/NATURIST... not voyeurs, exhibitionist and talkers but not do-ers...(and I am not referring to people that are new, or haven't grown accustomed to the nudist lifestyle...)


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        I am a New York nudist and there are places in the New York area to go nude. During the summer months I regularly go to nude beaches in Long Island and New Jersey. I also never wear clothes at home and that includes when friends are over since they know I am a nudist and are very accepting of it.


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          That's awesome dude that your friend accept you and your nudist lifestyle... Most of my close friends know I like to be nude so they have seen me in the buff plenty of times...

          So how old are you dudders and what part of NY are you in? How are the beaches? What are the demographics?


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            Late 30's
            Married w/ children
            Promoter of Family Naturism


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              Google up Long Island Travasuns and Tri-State Sun Club


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                NJ/ NYC nudist. Go to Sandy Hook in the summer, have 2 buddies and girlfriend who tend to come somtimes. During the winter mainly stay at home. I am 23. Hit me up and we can talk.


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                  Hey, NYgradStu! Jack is right. Place to go is Sandy Hook (in NJ, out on the tip) in the summer. In winter, Tri-State Sun Club does indoor swims if you like that.


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                    Hey Guys,

                    Thanks for all your help and I have been getting some really cool people private messaging me.

                    Mad excellent...

                    I wonder if there are any girls in or around the NYC that are into nudism around my age...

                    Does anyone run into them at all?

                    I had a friend, back when I lived in Florida that would go with me. Really awesome girl... We never dated, but I think it would be cool to have a nudist girlfriend...

                    Anyway, just rambling on... hahaahha


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                      Long Island Travasuns runs monthly swims (except during the summer). The next one is this Saturday. You can get more info at Travasuns.

                      There's also a very popular (and legal) c/o beach, Lighthouse Beach, at the west end of Fire Island, off Long Island.


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                        Central NY here and plenty of places to go.
                        Hey DRV looks almost like your avatar pic was taken at Potters Falls Ithaca.


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                          That's not Potter's Falls. Good guess though.


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                            Originally posted by usuallylurk:
                            Google up Long Island Travasuns and Tri-State Sun Club

                            Tri State Sun Club no longer hold swims (Paramus NJ) because venue went bankrupt

                            They are searching for another facility


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                              Originally posted by Jason Lee:
                              Northern Exposure Sun Club

                              Nude Swim 17th March 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
                              1st April

                              Lake Ridge Recreation Center
                              NY Route 50
                              Burnt Hills New York


                              NESC is about 5 hours away from NYC.