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    This question is for my fellow closet nudists! How do you live with not being nude all the time?

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    This question is for my fellow closet nudists! How do you live with not being nude all the time?


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      I barely survive school. I heard of some kind of clothes-optional school in Denmark, or Sweden, or somewhere. I wish that my school was clothes-optional. I swear, in my second-to-last period of school today, I felt the urge to just get stark naked. I swear, I can't stand to wear clothes for too long.


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        Hey guys, maybe look at it this way. You're each living in a country that doesn't require you to be forced into a school that teaches your religion is the only true religion.

        You're each living in a country with incredible benefits and educational have a very good chance of getting a good job and living comfortably after your schooling. Hell, you even have schools to go to, unlike many kids in Africa and certain parts of Asia and South America.

        I'm not downplaying your desire to be nude, 'cos we'd all like to be nude 24/7 in warm weather, but count your blessings. Really.

        We are just so damn lucky to even have the choice of being able to be nude sometimes in our societies. Things could be much, much worse for teenagers and adults in the USA and Canada.



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          As far as not being nude constantly, I've learned that some people just don't accept it. I grew up for a long time a nudist and not even knowing it, so not going nude was really my way of life.

          I take my fleeting moments of chaste nudity when I can get them, even if it's only an hour a day.

          In response to Journeyman, we are lucky in that respect. I address being nude to more of a preference, 'cause we all know being nude 24/7/365 is only possible in warm climates.

          Nothing's ever perfect for everybody. Our choice of lifestyle isn't ideal for everybody else.

          EDIT: By the comment above, I simply mean that some people believe the nudist/naturist/clothesfree lifestyle isn't for them. It's for everybody who approaches it with a clean and untainted mind.